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Boberosa Gun Dogs: A Indiana Professional Gun Dog Trainer & Breeder
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The Boberosa Staff

The Staff & Professional Gun Dog Trainers

Bob Knipper Head - Trainer/Owner

Bob Knipper Head - Trainer/Owner

23 Years as a Professional trainer

Bob grew up training and raising English Setters and Beagles with his father before he made the tranistion to training all breeds of bird dogs. Bob is the founder and namesake behind Boberosa Gun Dogs. While he prefers to hunt over his Springer's the vast majority of his training time is devoted to all breeds of bird dogs. Labs, all breeds of pointers, all spaniel breeds and even a standard poodle have had the pleasure to be trained by Bob over the past 23 years. He has devoted his life to his dream of Boberosa Gun Dogs while it might have taken him 50 years to build it; his dream is now a reality.

Phone: (260) 223-5454

Jared Knipper - Trainer/Handler

Jared Knipper - Trainer/Handler

10 Years as Professional Trainer

Jared has been working with his father Bob since he could carry a gun. He began his professional training as a way to offset college costs and then decided to stick with it as a second career. He sold his first pup when he was six to the meter reader working for the local electric company. Over the past ten years he has helped his father with the day to day operations of Boberosa Gun Dogs. He especially loves his training and handling Springer Spaniels, but has trained all breeds of bird dogs hand in hand with his father Bob for his entire life.

Phone: (260) 894-2348

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