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The Breed

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In our opinion there is no better animal out there than a Field Bred Springer Spaniel when you need a dog for your upland pursuits. The Springer is a high energy eager to please hunting companion that loves nothing more than to spend a day in the field with his or her owner. These medium sized dogs weighing in between 30-50 pounds have a heart the size of dogs three times their size. They hunt with extreme enthusiasm with a seemingly constant smile on their face. They love their time spent with people and their entire world revolves around their owners and any one else that will give them attention. When in the field there isn’t anything that deters these dogs from their goals. They will be bloody from thorns, briars and barbed wire but never give up the hunt.

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Springer Spaniels excel at all types of upland hunting. They are a flushing dog, and we have hunted our dogs over wild quail, grouse, partridge, pheasants. They even do some of our retrieving duty on ducks, dove, or geese. We feel that the Springer excels the most in wild pheasant hunting. Any one that has hunted wild pheasants know exactly how wary these birds can be when they run, they flush way ahead of you, and the only way they ever present you with an opportunity for a shot is when you give them no other option but to flush. The Springer is the tool we use to get those stingy roosters to make that flush in range of our guns. Our Springers quarter form left to right 15-25 yards in front of the handler with the gunners making their turns on the far outmost gunners. They specialize in tracking running pheasants and when they find a track they will follow that scent until the follow the bird. The common misconception is that when hunting over a Springer you need to wear you track shoes to keep up. These dogs understand that they are hunting with you not for themselves. A properly trained Springer will stop on command when on a track allowing the hunters to keep within range of the dog and the running pheasant. After a shot is made the Springer also excels at making long retrieves and is excellent at tracking those wounded running roosters.

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We here at Boberosa Gun Dogs strive to breed dogs that are excellent hunting companions. We hunt hard and we expect our dogs to hunt ever harder. We push ourselves and our dogs to fill game bags at the end of a fun filled hard days work. We are hunters first and foremost and want dogs that handle on the first command we give them and we only hunt and breed dogs that hunt with the hunters not for the hunter. The relationship between a dog and a hander is a lifelong partnership in which the two must work together. We guarantee our dogs will be the hunting companion you expect and that we expect.

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